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Welcome to Freestart plc

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Freestart plc is ranked in the top twenty businesses offering online solutions to the United Kingdom market place.

Founded in October 1999 by its Chairman,
Earl J Crooks with its primary objective to provide cost effective websites for small-to-medium size businesses.

Since then Freestart plc has gone from strength to strength and in addition to expanding, has diversified its portfolio to offer countless value added products and services to its clients.

Looking towards the future, Freestart plc predicts great promise in the emerging, untapped markets of Eastern Europe. Alongside its partners in these countries hopes to bring about a revolution in website development.

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Our ethos when developing new products and services, whether for existing or potential clients, has always been simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

We already live in a complicated world, wouldn't it be nice if some things were just easy?

Our portfolio of online solutions are just that, helping to transform the barren wilderness that the online world often feels like into a calming oasis. Isn't it time that you made your website work for you and not the other way around?

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April 2011 - Buegle Stores Takeup

Overwhelming success to launch over 600 clients aqquired under new brand within four weeks.

March 2011 - Buegle Stores Launched

Freestart launches its new social commerce platform, the Buegle Store (see here)
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Jan 2011 - New Marketing Site

Freestart launches its new marketing site (see here), resources and services to help business acheive success online...
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Oct 2010 - Buegle Think-Tank Created

Freestart creates Buegle it's new Social Media devision and think-tank to develop a range of Social Commerce / Network products.

May 2009 - CheckRate Launched

Freestart launches its consumer confidence trustmark CheckRate. (see here).
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